An innovative and inclusive approach

Prélib is a STBBI self-screening center that offers a simple, fast and efficient service. A 100% confidential, non-judgmental service, accessible to everyone. Prélib’s mission is to improve everyone’s sexual health by providing easily accessible and user-friendly services that promote sexual education, health and STBBI screening.

Prélib offers a respectful service both online and in its screening centers.

If you are sexually active and are concerned about your sexual health, Prélib offers screening services, from the age of 15, regardless of your ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

Our goal: to make everyone feel comfortable and confident in using our services.

Our innovative STBBI screening service is the first in Canada that combines an online medical platform, personal file, tele-consultation and self-screening center.

These technological tools allow us to greatly improve the patient experience and the quick transmission of results.

Our doctors

The current Prélib team is made up, among others, of 2 doctors who are committed to the accessibility and democratization of health services, innovation and technological medical solutions. Fervent promoters of the importance of sexual education and preventive screening, Khadija and Maxim show openness to everyone in their goal to achieve global health.

Dr. Khadija Benomar works diligently with women in sexual health and HIV treatment.

Her colleague, Dr. Maxim R. Éthier, has a humanistic view of society. He is passionate about promoting healthy lifestyles among marginalized populations.

About us

Prélib was created in 2018, at the same time as the Quorum clinic founded by 4 doctors and dedicated to offering its patients an effective, innovative and quality healthcare experience in a human and accessible environment. Prélib completes the range of STBBI prevention services by combining medical expertise and telecommunications technologies in order to promote accessibility to screening and to limit the feeling of discomfort and judgment sometimes felt in conventional clinics.