Embrace a healthy and responsible sexual life.

Sexual health at your fingertips

The Prelib digital platform facilitates screening and simplifies the whole process from scheduling an appointment to obtaining your results.

Your privacy is our priority

Prelib was designed to protect your privacy. Fill out your online questionnaire at home and conduct your screening tests without wasting your time in a waiting room.

1. Evaluate

Create your online profile, fill out the medical questionnaire and schedule your first appointment.

2. Screen

Visit the Prelib location you selected for your screening appointment. A nurse will greet you and take blood samples if required.

3. Guide

Schedule your telephone appointment to receive your results from a doctor using the link sent to your email and available on your account.

Screening costs

With RAMQ $5-15

Our medical teleconsultation services are covered by the RAMQ. You only have to pay the cost of transporting your samples to the analysis laboratory (between $5-15, free under 21). You’ll receive your results within 10 business days.

Without RAMQ $200-350

Our medical teleconsultation services will cost you $41.50, plus applicable taxes (free under 21). The cost of transporting and analyzing samples in a private laboratory varies according to the number of samples taken (between $200-350). You’ll get your results in 1-2 business days.

STBBI detected

Why doesn’t Prelib screen all STBBIs?

Prelib does not screen for herpes, as screening in the absence of symptoms is not recommended (unreliable tests and difficult-to-interpret results). As for HPV, it can’t be detected like other STBBIs and nor can it be treated directly.


How long does it take to detect a disease following exposure?
What if I have symptoms or if one of my partners tests positive?
What are the STBBIs not detected by Prelib?
When should I consult a health care professional at an in-person clinic?
Why should I get tested?
What should I do before showing up for my test?
What are my screening test options?
Once there, how long does the process take?
Can I modify or cancel my appointment?
What are the deadlines before getting a screening appointment after completing my medical questionnaire?
How long can it take before obtaining my results?
How and when will I obtain my results?
Where can I receive my treatment?
I have a Quebec health insurance card (RAMQ).
I don’t have a Quebec health insurance card (RAMQ).
I am a Canadian citizen from another province than Quebec.
I am covered by the Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP).
What does “transportation costs” mean?
How do you protect my privacy?
What personal information do I need to provide?
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