Healthy sex life made simple

Chosing Prélib means adopting ​a healthy and responsible sex life.​

Sexual health
at your fingerprints

The Prélib digital platform facilitates screening and simplifies the whole process from scheduling an appointment to obtaining your results.

Your privacy,
our priority

Prélib was designed to protect your privacy.
Fill out your online questionnaire at home and conduct your screening tests without wasting your time in a waiting room.

How does it work?

Step 1

Create your online profile, fill out the medical questionnaire and schedule your appointment.

Step 2

Show up at the screening center where a nurse will greet you and take blood samples, if required. You will then proceed to your autonomous sampling collection in complete privacy by following tutorial videos.

Step 3

Schedule your telephone appointment to receive your results from a doctor using the link sent to your email and available on your account. Following this call, your results will appear on your Prélib account.


It was so simple

“Quick service for the blood test as well as the results. Courteous and professional staff. Obtained an appointment quickly and had easy access to the collection center Thanks for everything! “


46 years old

I felt taken take care from start to finish

“Very friendly nurse. Clear and precise instructions. Quick transmission of the results. Furthermore, I was contacted to make sure I had obtained my results. Impeccable service! “


20 years old

Discretion is the key

“Quick, discreet and affordable service. It is worth it if only to avoid filling out the questionnaire face to face which can be very uncomfortable. Doing my screening test at home makes life so much simpler. “


17 years old

Finally our medical system has joined the 21st century!

“In my case, an online appointment platform is just an awesome idea! I really appreciated not having to spend 30 minutes on the phone with my agenda to schedule an interview. Upon my arrival at the centre, there was no lineup and the nurse was very friendly. “


31 years old

Quite a discovery!

“I wasn’t aware of this service and I must admit I was blown away. Quick, easily accessible, clear instructions, clean and user-friendly installations. Thanks for everything. “


22 years old